Kappa Data Webinar - Discover ccFLEX, your flexible and low maintenance Firewall Management platform


Webinar - Discover ccFLEX, your flexible and low maintenance Firewall Management platform

Location: Go to meeting or Go to webinar / 2 PM - 3 PM

Your Flexible and low maintenance one-step Firewall Management platform.

Our Control Center offering has been around for quite some time now. Now, it’s being reborn into a new offering entirely, called ccFLEX. Discover the improvements we made, ranging from monthly billing, monitoring, firmware update as a service and improved security.

Join us to explore new possibilities.

Kappa Data has some extra specials, check them out below.

► Kappa Data uses OneLogin’s solution (with which it also has a distribution contract) for Identity and Access Management, which allows secure and simple login on all platforms.
► In addition, Kappa Data adds a monitoring tool to the solution that allows each user of the solution to monitor their devices as well as their licenses.
► Kappa Data takes care of keeping the firmware up to date for users who so wish. This means that your firewall always has the highest level of protection and you can make use of the latest features.
► Finally, Kappa Data adds many extras in terms of intervention when a firewall fails, or a reseller needs an extra hand.

Target audience

This webinar is suited for sales, pre-sales and engineers at reseller partners.


This webinar will take up to 1 hour of your time. From 2 PM until 3 PM. (inclusive Q&A)

You host

Koert Martens, Director of Technology at Kappa Data will be your host.


Dear participant, further information with the access link for the webinar will be sent to you 48 hours in advance.